Advanced Customization

These videos are built from “the ground up” and have the capability to display the VIEWER’S name and/or other potentially pertinent information, such as their geographic location.  You will have the option to provide your own video background or allow us to provide the background.  Due to the time commitment involved, the advanced customization videos category will start at $89.95 each and may, at the discretion of Faith On Display Graphics, require an upfront, non-refundable partial deposit.

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Demo Videos (FULLY Customized):

A short sample of retical target tracking project

OCG Wednesday Bible Study – September 20, 2017

Hamilton Company Picnic – August 5, 2017

Hamilton Corn Hole – Summer 2017

Demo Videos (FULLY Customized AND displaying **VIEWER’S** name):

OCG Ministries: Bridging the Gap!
Walking Across Bridge.png

Inspiration for Today Blog:

Demo Videos (PARTIALLY Customized):

Lyles Renovations HVAC Commercial – Version 3  (Templates Combined w/ Voiceover Narration)

Encased in Ice – A foster parenting book by Yvette Hawkins  (Hybrid – Template w/ Special Modification)

Raymond Werner Photography  (Template Splicing)

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(Note: PayPal is currently the primary payment option, but NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED.  An invoice will be issued upon customer approval of the finished product.)

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