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Do you represent a small business or an organization who cannot afford the typical cost for producing custom digital media? Faith On Display Graphics may be your best solution for acquiring high quality, affordable, CUSTOM videos for your presentation, project, or advertising needs that can be completed in a matter of days! For an additional expedite fee, projects may even be delivered same day!

Based in Baltimore, Faith On Display Graphics seeks to be your advertising partner in PERSONALIZING (specifically for your group, church, organization or business) stunning video graphics, tailored for use within video presentations and digital media advertisements.

We create logo animations, video intros (beginning of video), video outros (ending of video), as well as attractive theme-style videos which are able to incorporate YOUR photos and text into the video, itself! Faith On Display Graphics even has the ability to create videos where the VIEWER’S name, gender, geographical area, or other pertinent information are referenced within the video.

You may have a business, group, organization, or project where you would like to shine a spotlight to help bring awareness to its existence and purpose. A VIDEO can do that!

Although not all of them are displayed on this Website, we offer about 600 ready-made templates (personalized with YOUR colors, text, & photos), video splicing with multiple templates, hybrid videos comprised of a mixture of custom video and templates, as well as fully customized video projects. We will make every available effort to accommodate your video production needs.

Benefits of Using Custom Videos For Your Business

Videos are the absolute best way to ENGAGE your audience. You will also IMPROVE SEO for your website, as the usage of videos will hold your visitors’ attention and keep them on your website longer. Additionally, you will GENERATE higher conversion rates, as the chances of a potential prospect becoming a customer increase after they have watched a properly targeted video. Upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your Website to increase engagement with your prospects and improve the chances of completing a sale.

Potential usage of our video products may include

Business Presentations

Business charts   OCG Group Bible Study editing for video playback

Video Announcements

Encased in Ice   Drums

Custom Digital Advertising

Lyles Renovations   OCG YouTube Screenshot

Individual Celebrations (birthday, life memories, achievement, thank you, etc.)

A love message for that special someone in your life   Cultural Day - A Portrait of OCG - June 11, 2017

…And so much more!

Pouring chopped veggies into a pot on a gas stove   ISM Metro Countdown

Click HERE to view a sampling of completed template-based projects or click HERE to view a sampling of advanced customization projects.

(Note: Though purchase of template products is available via the online shopping cart for your convenience, pre-purchase of ANY product is not required. Faith On Display Graphics is willing to accept payment through PayPal AFTER completion and client acceptance of any project. Feel free to contact us via the provided email below. In either case, please provide as much project detail as possible, to include desired text and color scheme, as well as logo and/or any other images to be incorporated into the video project.)

You may contact Dan Rivera directly via email for a FREE CONSULTATION at

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